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USA - United States Of America

Literacy rate is 99%

The United States of America commonly known as USA or in simple word as America, consisting of 50 states with a population of 32 Crores.

Capital Washington D.C and the most powerful country all over the world

GDP of the USA is $21.428 trillion, which is at the top in the world from the last decade.

GDP per capita is 62,794 USD

America is the richest country in the world with the 3rd highest population and the NY Stock exchange as the largest in the world.

USA is also considered as "The Land Of Opportunity"

Why to Choose USA For Education?

US Universities offer research and training opportunity to International students.

US University has a very popular and positive reputation in International job market.

Offers great support facilities to its International Students.

High Infrastructure

Guarantee of jobs after studying from USA

Scholarship and many MNC will give you work permit after completion of your education from USA

US universities are at the top in terms of technology and scientific techniques and provide the same resources to its student.

Give equal opportunity for research, training and teaching to all its international student.

A deserving candidate can shape his career in top 500 companies in the world including those who based in all over the world like HP, Intel, Yahoo, Cisco Systems, Facebook, Twitter, Adobe Systems & the Oracle.

When To Apply For Study?

Most Intakes offered by Universities are in

Fall Semester September

Spring Semester  January

Test Required

IELTS, TOEFL, PTE for Graduate and Undergraduate Program

Aptitude Test :

GRE for Math, Science, Liberal Art

GMAT for Business School(Study for MBA)


Stanford University, Harvard University, Princeton University, Columbia University, Duke University

University of Chicago

Boston University

University of Flordia

MIT, National University, etc

Study Cost In USA

For an Undergraduate bachelors degree(4 year), this may vary between USD10,000 to max USD20,000 per annum

For Master's Course/Degree for 2 years, this may vary between USD13,000 to max USD30,000 per annum

For a Doctoral Degree, it can be between USD16,000 to max USD40,000 per annum, Depend on the subject as well.

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