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Literacy rate is 99%

The UK is a union of four countries: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Island. The name Britan sometime mention the whole United Kingdom.

The capital of the UK is London where the UK government and parliament exist. Its national language is English with religion followed Christianity and life expectancy in the UK is 82 years.

With a population of 6.60 crore, Uk has the world's sixth-largest economy and twenty-second largest by GDP per capita.

Why to Choose UK For Education?

There were more than 5 lac international student from 160+ countries in the UK last year, out of which 2nd highest was Indians.

Quality education, offered by the employerwork while you study and a great infrastructure is the biggest brand value that the UK has in its education sector

UK is always the top destination place all over the world for education.

Its education degree and qualification is highly demanding across the world.

UK provides a great opportunity for the student to develop there skillsknowledge and critical thinking as well.

UK student visa is easy to get and it's easy to find people from different countries in the UK, the living and health cost is also reasonable 

It also provides health benefits to the student, shorter duration of course and the universities in the Uk have the best academic standards in the world.

You can also explore the whole of Europe by getting the UK student visa

If you show a good result while studying than there are lots of employers who give you the offer and eventually you can stay in the UK after completion of your education.

Minimum wages in the UK is 1525 EURO/Month.

The cost of living in the UK is less than in the USA.

UK universities are best in the world, perform well in the ranking and also have a reputation for world-class research.

The best part is you can easily get the work permit after your education from the UK.

When To Apply For Study?

UK mostly has Three intake:

The main intakes by Universities in the UK offered in September to December. Second Intake January to April, and the third intake is from April to June.

The Main Intake in the UK is in September, Candidate have to apply between February and May for application Process.

Test Required





University of Oxford, Greenwich, Cambridge, East London, University of Manchester etc

Imperial College London, Kings College

University of Warwick, Bristol

Queen Mary University of London

Newcastle University

Cardiff University

Study Cost In UK

For an Undergraduate bachelors degree, this may vary between GBP 7,000 to Max GBP20,000 Annually 

For Master's Course/Degree for 2 years, this may vary between GBP 8,000 to Max GBP22,000 Annually

For a Doctoral Degree, it can be between GBP12,000 to Max GBP25,000

Depend on Course as well.

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