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Literacy rate is 99%

New Zealand is consist of 600 islands with two main landmasses the North Island and the south island.

GDP per capita is 41,945 USD, it is the 51st largest economy in the world 

The population of New Zealand is 49 lac with national language English and religion followed is Christianity.

New Zealand is famous for its rugby team, indigenous culture, incredible scenery and golden sand beaches.

NZ is high esteem for the quality of life and education.

Why To Choose NZ For Education?

If you want to get high-quality education within a reasonable fee than NZ would be the best choice.

It is one of the most safest and beautiful country in the world

NZ is always famous for its gesture, friendly behaviour, warm welcoming, excellent education opportunity and support service for international student.

It's easy to enter in NZ for education visa comparing to other countries because the entry(entrance exam) requirement for the study is less compare to other universities in the world.

NZ education system is based on British education module, there are a lot of similarities between two countries such as teaching method, so universities provide you with the opportunity to deal with the situation in a systematic and organised manner.

NZ provides globally recognised degree and qualification, safe and peaceful and high quality of life.

NZ provides a broad opportunity for study and research.

NZ provides 20 hours/week to work during your semester and full-time work in semester breaks if you are doing research masters or PhD/doctoral degree than you are allowed to work full time and also the tuition fee will be charged as same as local.

When To Apply For Study?

There are Generally Two intakes in New Zealand for Admission

January and July

Some Universities offer multiple intakes in September and November as well

Candidate should start admission process 6 Months before batch.

Test Required

Entrance Exam required for admission in New Zealand colleges and Universities

Colleges and Universities mostly required IELTS in NZ

IELTS is a highly demanding English Test for anyone looking to workstudy or live in New Zealand.

Only some Institute require PTE and TOEFL


University of Aukland

University of Canterbury

University of Waikato

Manukau Institute of Technology


Lincoln University

Southern Institute of Technology

EDENZ College

International College of Aukland

AGI Education Limited, Yoobee School of Design, NSIA, SIT, MDS, etc

Study Cost In NZ

For a Diploma Course/Program (2-3 years), this may vary between NZD7,000 to max NZD25,000 per annum

For an Undergraduate bachelors degree(3/4 year), this may vary between NZD10,000 to max NZD25,000 per annum

For Master's Course/Degree for 2 years, this may vary between NZD12,000 to max NZD30,000 per annum

For a Doctoral Degree, it can be between NZD15,000 to max NZD30,000 per annum

Depend on the subject as well.

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