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Literacy rate is 99%

Canada is the country in the northern part of North America.

It has 10 provinces and 3 territories with capital Ottawa.

Largest city is Toronto with official languages is English and French

Canada is not the part of United States Of America but yes it's easy to enter in America if you have Canadian citizenship.

Canada provides free medical facility and Free education to its Immigrant those who are in permanent residence(PR) 

Why To Choose Canada For Education?

Canada has become one of the famous country in the world for higher education because of its friendly behaviour, increasing the economy at a high margin, no crime rates and beautiful environment.

Canada provide lots of jobs to there international students and also provide paid internships and odd jobs while studying.

Canada also provide maximum work permit hour while you studying, so that student can earn some money and gain some experience

The population of Indian students is also increasing year by year in Canada, that makes the friendly environment and also Canada provide lots of different facility to its immigrant. 

Student can also apply for a work permit after completion of there education with some work experience required.

job Placement from university is high in Canada compare to other countries.

It provides an excellent opportunity to choose your prospect for an interesting career. Education in Canada is affordable, internationally recognised and reasonable expenses.

GDP of per capita of Canada is 46,232$

Canada has the world's 10 biggest economies based on its GDP.

The population of Canada is about 3.76crore and its area is 3 times bigger than India with a life expectancy of 83 years

When To Apply for Study?

There are Three different intakes in Canada

Fall intake starts in September

Winter intake starts in January

Summer intake usually start from April, May and June

Test Required

Entrance Exam required for admission in Canadian Institution

Colleges and Universities mostly required IELTS and PTE

Some institutions and education provider required IELTS/PTE/TOEFL

Aptitude Test

GMAT/GRE for postgraduate students


University of Toronto

McGill University

University of British Columbia, University of Alberta

University of Calgary, Queen University, Western University

University de Montreal, etc

George brown college, Trinity College, Innis College

University of Canada West

University of Victoria

York University, University of Ottawa, etc 

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Study Cost In Canada

For a Diploma Course (2-3 years), this may vary between $8000 to Max $14,000 per annum

For an Undergraduate bachelors degree(4 year), this may vary between 8,000$ to Max 20,000 per annum

For Master's Course/Degree for 2 years, this may vary between $10,000 to Max 25,000 per annum

For a Doctoral Degree, it can be between $12,000 to Max 30,000 per annum

Depend on the subject as well.

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