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Literacy rate is 99%

Australia, officially the Commonwealth of Australia. It is the largest country in Oceania and the world's sixth-largest country by total area.

Australia's capital is Canberra and Sydney is its larger area state.

Cricket and Australia Rules Football are taken as the national game of Australi, not because its popular but also because of its history.

Australian Security Exchange ranks 9th in the world.

Why To Choose Australia For Education?

Australia is the hub for every international student to get an education in Australia

Some big reasons to choose Australia is Top Quality Universities, very low in Crime Rate, Easy access to student visa, Global Academic recognition, a wide choice of subject and work while you study.

GDP in Australia is expected to be 1480 USD Billion by the end of 2020, the per capita GDP is 58,373 USD

Australia economy is the world's 14 largest, with Life Expectancy is 82 Years.

The population of Australia is about 2.50 crore and its area is 2.5 times bigger than India

Australia is the 3rd most popular destination in the world for higher education, because of its culture, friendly behaviour and high quality of education which is highly demanded across the world.

Living Expenses and Tuition fee in Australia is less expensive than the US and UK.

Students can find cheap accommodation and Australian universities also provide paid internships while studying.

There are 43 Universities in Australia with some other institution which offer higher education courses which are highly demanded in Top MNC across the world.

When To Apply For Study?

Australia mostly has two intake:

The main intakes by Universities in Australia offered in February and July, some Universities also offering intake in September and November.

Candidates should start making application ideally 4-5 months before intake, Universities mostly take 5-7 weeks to process the application.

Test Required





The University of New South Wales/ University of Sydney, University of Melbourne, university of western Australia

Monash universities/ University of Queensland, the University of New Castle, etc

Victoria University

Flinders University

James cook university

Australian National University

Study Cost in Australia

For an Undergraduate bachelors degree, this may vary between A$ 14,000 and Max A$32,000/ yearly

For Master's Course/Degree for 2 years, this may vary between A$ 20,000 to Max A$ 36,000/Yearly

For a Doctoral Degree, it can be between A$ 14,000 to Max A$ 38,000/Yearly

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